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Alabama Journalist of the Year

Continuously striving to better my community and school through journalism


Broadcast Packages


Learn about Peyton Grillo's inspiring story of achieving his dreams in the Shooting2Change basketball game: an event to spread autism acceptance through athletics.


Hear from fans and coaches and take a look at how Thompson High School Football has forever changed the Alabaster Community.

(First Place ASPA Broadcast News Story)


The more you know. Take a look behind the scenes of what Thompson High School is doing to better the lives of their student body.

(Second Place ASPA Timed Broadcast News Story)

Story Writing & Anchoring

Take a look at a few stories I have written as well as anchored for our live shows every Wednesday and Friday. Shown in this reel is a News story, Sports story and Feature Story.

Graphic Design

Check out a few graphics made to communicate information regarding football games for our fans. These pieces were used on our shows and social media platforms.


Don't miss out on what happened at the Warrior Invitational wrestling tournament. These photos I took were used across many social media and web platforms to promote and advertise Thompson Wrestling. 

Web, Social Media, & Marketing

Our shows are shown live every Wednesday and Friday. These shows inform our student body about stories around the school and community including news, sports, entertainment, and weather segments. I usually can be found taking on the role of a reporter, director or anchor. I also assist with live streams for many sports and news across campus.

I assist with the management of our student media social accounts spreading information to my peers. Apart from the TV and Film Academy, I also run the Thompson High School girls and boys tennis team account. Also, check out some of the sponsors that I directly work with to ensure financial achievement for our TV & Film Academy, as well as our tennis team.

Many local new stations in our area have given THSTV videography credits including WBRC. One of our class's most reputable accomplishments was ABC World News using video from Peyton Grillo's feature story; the story I was assigned to cover. 

Other Works


It's the little things in life that can make a big impact and for 10th grade English students, their teacher's idea helps them feel a sense of hope for humanity.

(First Place ASPA Videography)


Staying drug free surpasses the sole purpose of being healthy for Thompson High School Peer Helpers. Learn more about Red Ribbon Week from these young leaders.

(Third Place ASPA Editing)


Commitment to Diversity: Diversity of Representation

Being inclusive when it comes to diversity of representation is an important factor in journalism. By using my media platform as a member of my school’s broadcasting team, I am a direct outlet of information. When discovering new story ideas and using creativity to produce entertaining and informational pieces, representation is one of the first things that comes to mind for me. I have been an advocate for being inclusive to stories about gender, political, cultural, identity, and racial diversities.

Commitments to Preserve Journalism

As for my experience with journalism, I have never felt more supported. Our classroom, equipment, tools, creditable advisors and curriculum are of the highest quality among high school broadcast journalism programs. Despite my personal blessings, I am very aware of other programs that do not receive the same quality of support and funding. As for my future, I feel like my calling is to preserve programs and to educate the future generations. After working professionally for a newscast, I want to work for school systems and teach journalism. As for now, I am always encouraging younger students to get involved with our program. I am currently working on a video about THSTV to show at an assembly at Thompson Middle School to motivate them to join our program!

Commitment to Diversity: Diversity of Perspective

Oftentimes in the media, there is an obvious bias. Over the years, I have encouraged myself and other students to show different perspectives in their writing and reporting especially in student media programs. By presenting diverse perspectives in a respectful way, your works are to be more valued.

Commitment to Diversity: Diversity of Coverage

Growing up in Alabama and attending Thompson High School, society and communities tend to be quite football centered. A commitment to diversity that I represent is coverage of routinely unrepresented sports and associations within my school and community, while also serving the newsworthy needs of knowledge and entertainment. Uncontrollably, I have been one to be assigned football packages and stories, but that doesn't stop me from pitching other ideas and helping my peers. Advocating for smaller organizations can bring not only recognition, but also opportunities for viewers.

Commitments to my Peers and Advisors

In the classroom, our goal is to work as a team to create a successful newscast. If one person doesn’t pull their weight, viewers create a poor perspective of the program in its entirety. Therefore, not only do I strive to always pull my weight, but I also encourage and help others to do their part. In our room, we do not have official leadership positions such as a president, but as a senior who not only has the knowledge to help the new members, but also someone who genuinely cares about my other classmates, their successes, the program and our newscasts: I will give my efforts be there to help and support my peers.

Commitment to Diversity: Diversity of Ages

Years ago, I had struggled with poor social skills, anxiety and just the fear of talking to strangers and new people. The communication professionalism I have developed because of journalism will help me for the rest of my life. I just wished I would have been introduced sooner. This brings me to another commitment to diversity: diversity of ages when introduced to journalism. The teachings of journalism should not just be an opportunity presented to high school aged students and beyond, but younger ages as well. The teaching and values of journalism bring great life skills regardless of whether it is pursued long term. In my future, I want to be an advocate for not only preserving journalism programs, but creating programs for younger children.

Commitments to my Community and Viewers

I strive for exceptional news literacy for not only myself, but for my other peers as well. As an outlet of information, we make every effort to communicate real news, not fake news! Something that is taught and demonstrated in our classroom is using reliable sources, fact checking, peer reviews, and double and triple checking our works.

Commitments to Myself

When I put my mind to something, I will stop at nothing to achieve my goals whether it is something big like getting into my dream school or something small like waking up an hour earlier on weekends. Some people think I’m too hard on myself because I am not very accepting of failure, but I believe the hard work, determination and defeat when it comes to my personal ambitions make me stronger. I always try to commit to believing in myself no matter how big the dream. I commit to myself the hard work that goes into my goals and that there is always something new to learn. I commit to being honest with myself. Most importantly, I won’t change my qualities that make me who I am to shape someone else's desires.





Phone: (205) 616-8668


Address: 1011 Greenhead Dr. Alabaster, AL

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